Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Agro tourism in Farmer's Villa

By staying in Farmer’s Villa you can enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature and experience rural ambiance, away from pollution and hectic life of cities. It is a good way to relax and learn more about the nature and rural life.

In our farm you can have farm activities such as picking and planting vegetables and fruits. We are growing many different vegetables, for example carrots, radishes, cauliflowers and peas. We also have fruit trees from where you can pick up fresh mangoes and citrus fruits. You will get to see how milk is gathered as well and even try it yourself.

Near Farmer’s Villa there is a local village where you can go to see how villagers live and interact with them. To see the area more, you can have a bicycle ride and enjoy beautiful countryside views. If you want to try other kind of ride, there is a possibility to take a tractor ride. On the ride you can see and feel how fields are mended in action.

In the evening you will have a dinner made with the vegetables from the own farm. The vegetables are organic and self-picked. We use the same organic food in our breakfast and lunch. You can take part of the cooking and learn to cook local food yourself. Punjabi food is really tasty and known for its original vegetarian cuisines. 


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